Breaking the Myth of Diet Pills

Dieting has become a new trend to lose weight whether you need it or not. Half of the world’s population is overweight but instead of balancing it, most of them adopt the common trend of dieting.  For people who want to lose or maintain weight, diet supplements sound like magic. The manufacturers claim extraordinary properties of the supplement which is usually not supported by any research. All these supplements which promise to make you slim may be the scam. They may initiate a health problem because you never really know what is inside them. The problem arises with people with eating disorder who use these supplements and get themselves trapped in a medical condition. It should be focused by the sellers that these pills should not be used for a medical condition of gained weight.

Almost 50% of obese people with eating disorders catch a serious health concern by using these supplements on their own. Only a certified supplement should be bought and that too by the consultation of your doctor if you are suffering from a medical condition regarding food and nutrition.

A dieting pill is just an external supplement to help you achieve a size decrease along with weight loss. There are several over the counter diet pills available to help you but how would you evaluate them to be true? This question should be sorted out before you decide to buy a supplement for you.

About Diet Pills

Diet Pills can be any product which you orally take to assist in weight loss. The formula of it may be different for different manufacturers. Every company targets different control strategy for weight loss. Some of the advanced formulas assist in more than one way.

Over The Counter Supplements 

Some of the manufacturers claim to be using only an herbal formula. Which controls the weight gain mechanism in a manner similar to the body’s hormones? They increase energy and reduces the appetite, resulting into eating less and burning more state which eventually leads to weight loss. Synephrine is a naturally induced hormone which works in a similar manner. It is only released when you sense any type of danger. It is never floating in the blood system otherwise. Researchers have made a similar formula which is added to the bloodline which works like synephrine. Never believe anything which you find at a pharmacy.

Many companies which claim to use herbal formula are not truthful. For an accurate product, you should consult a doctor or a fitness trainer. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned many products which claimed to be fat reduction supplements with no effect and enormous health hazards. Many over the counter supplements follow no verification by FDA so you should always buy the one which is verified. No one can know how much active ingredients are the part of that supplement, f they are effective or not and how many health risks are associated with it.  A recent study published has amazed the readers by telling that 70% food supplements and slimming products were incorporated with harmful ingredients.

Prescription Based Supplements 

Some slimming supplements are not available or sold to anyone without a prescription by a health administrator. These supplements are clinically tested, proved and verified by FDA before their commercial availability in the markets. Generally, these supplements are regarded safe and least health hazards. In a case of a health issue, you can legally sue the company. Taking too many medicines is strictly prohibited. A doctor’s suggestion should be followed for a weight loss plan.

Side Effects of Weight Loss Pills

A weight loss supplement by a reputable company has no side effects but many of the over the counter available XYZ supplements may cause side effects. It messes with metabolism, heart, blood pressure and hormones and causes reactions like increased heart rate, high blood pressure, diarrhea, sleeplessness, headache, dizziness, anxiety, kidney problem, liver infection and rectal bleeding.

Criticism on Diet Pills 

Diet pills are generally regarded to be health danger. Some of the products give a warning to but people are so obsessed with weight loss that they don’t pay attention to it. An obsessive desire to lose weight, a person may end up at a hospital. The risks are increased when the dose of any supplement is taken more than the recommendation. Also, a normal person should not use fat burners to become a zero size.

Dropping size is a body transformation which is achievable by exercises; it should not be mixed with obesity and weight loss. In the quest for a faster weight loss, many people start taking more than one products. They don’t realize that the quantity in every dose is fixed and taking double, triple dose of similar action based ingredients can cause them for a chronic infection or heart stroke. All the leading supplement manufacturers advise not to take any other medication with weight loss pills because they change the action of the pill. However, people take laxatives, painkiller, and diuretics with it and catch a disease. To which they further consider diet pills to be scam and fraud. Most of the times it’s not the pills but our attitude towards pill and weight loss which is problematic.

Is There Any Safe Diet Pill?

The FDA has approved a number of diet pills to be safe. The products have been clinically and laboratory tested and then verified. The manufacturers of safe diet pills have been given a certificate of approval by FDA which is what you should look when you plan to buy the supplement. These pills are advised for persons above BMI of 30. However, a BMI of 27 may also use it. It is strictly prohibited to sell them for people below BMI of 27. Available without a prescription doesn’t make a product less harmful and safe.

Also, bought with a description doesn’t mean that you should use more and more of the supplements even when you have dropped below BMI of 27. To select an effective and harmless pill, the consultation of a health provider is necessary. Otherwise, there is no such thing as a safe diet pill.