8 Effective Ways to Sharpen Brain Function and Improve Your Memory Now

Do you walk in the kitchen and forget why you entered in the first place? Or have you left water to boil, only to remember to turn off the stove when all of it has evaporated? Random memory lapses are normal, but this can be alarming if it keeps happening over and over. Does it mean that there is only a downhill now? Absolutely not!

Your cognitive functioning can weaken over time, owing to several factors in your life, but it can be strengthened again. You can get straight As again. You can be the smartest one in your group again. The question is, how?

Here’s how:

1.     Do Your Jumping Jacks

We all know physical exercise is good for the body and the heart, but we forget how important it is to the brain. Science and medicine has shown connections between staying active and your memory. An active body leads to a sharp mind. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain, which help fight fatigue and stress, keeping you on your toes at all times.

I am not saying you must engage in vigorous routines at the gym every day. Something as simple as a few jumping jacks every day, or a 15-minute brisk walk can do the job. The key is to stay moving instead of sitting on the couch in front of your TV all day!

2.     Get Your Weekend Sleep

If you’re a student, you probably spend half your nights studying for a test, or writing a paper. If you work, you must spend your nights finishing off leftover office work. Thus, most of you do not get a solid 7 to 8 hour sleep during weekdays.

Which is why, it is important you cover up on your sleep on the weekend. Sleep is important to process all the stimuli you are exposed to while you are awake. It is when you are sleeping that all that you have learned for a physics test gets stuck in your memory. Studies have also shown that getting proper sleep on the weekend can help improve brain performance during the week.

3.     Power Naps

We have already established that there isn’t much time during the week to get proper sleep. Although your weekend sleep will help you here, you still need some power naps to boost cognitive skills. Even a  nap as small as 15 minutes can be of great help.

4.     Eat the Right Foods

What goes inside your belly makes a huge difference on every aspect of your human-self, including the brain. So, to allow them to function at their very best, it is important to eat the right foods.

  • Staying hydrated is essential to keep the brain focused. Water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices, are your sources of hydration. Sodas and canned drinks might quench your thirst, but will not hydrate your system
  • Omega-3 acids are said to be the best brain-food. Salmon and walnuts are great sources of omega-3.
  • Who can say no to a nice, warm cup of coffee? Coffee keeps the mind alert and sharp, so before you take your next test, drink some coffee!
  • Fruits and vegetables should be your constant companions. They contain vitamins which can stop your memory and cognitive functioning from declining as you age.
  • Nuts contain nutrients that can really help you with your thinking and memory. Eat nuts daily.
  • Green leafy vegetables protect the brain from developing harmful brain-related disorders and diseases. They can also help keep you hydrated.
  • Chewing gum not only burns calories, but keeps you alert in your day to day activities where it is easy to get distracted. If you find Philosophy boring, but need to hear out an important lecture, chewing gum may come in handy. http://www.noocube-review.com

5.     Doodle

Yeah, it might sound weird at first. But studies have shown that people who doodled while being made to listen to a boring conversation, remembered about 30 percent more than those who were not doodling.

This suggests that during a boring lecture at college, doodle instead of sitting idle. This is because when you are doodling your mind remains focused on the environment you are in, instead of wandering away to outer space. Just don’t doodle the face of your professor!

6.     Write Things Down

Writing things down can help remember what you may otherwise forget. This does not mean writing them in MS Word, or on your phone. Write them down on a piece of paper with your own hand! People who are trying to learn a new language often write down new words, which helps them learn them faster. So write down your dentist’s appointment, and write out your grocery list, so you don’t forget.

7.     Association Aids Memory

Along the lines of classical conditioning, lies the idea of association. If you have a hard time remembering anything, associate it with something you are likely to remember. For example, if you cannot remember your best friend’s birth date, create a connection of the date with your age, or your friend’s age, or even the price of a product. This way when you try to recall the birth date, the association will pop up in your head, and help you remember the actual date.

8.     Take on A Challenge

Your cognitive skills can get rusty if they are allowed to live in their comfort zone for too long. It is important to drift into a space that is new to the brain. Do what you think will be difficult for you; it could be trying a new sport, learning a new language or owning up to your lies in front of someone!

9.     Take a Supplement

The Noocube capsule is an ideal supplement for improving your brain health. It releases neurotransmitters that help in learning and memorizing information, thus improving cognitive performance. Noocube also suppresses stress in the brain, which hinders nerve growth.

The Noocube dose usually recommended is 2 capsules a day; it is enough to allow the brain to work at its full potential.


Our brain is beautiful. It can adapt to change, and change its performance given the conditions of your body. This is why, following the above pointers can help it do better. However, none of these will work if you do not believe in yourself. Having a positive attitude towards everything that is thrown your way, and believing you can do anything, can do wonders. You are flawless. You are one of a kind. God created you. So fix your mindset and watch yourself break boundaries!