Some natural ways to increase the size of your tool

Porn movies have set a whole new level of expectations for both men and women when it comes down to sex. Where women desire to enjoy intense orgasms and reach climax that sends shivers throughout her body, men dream to have bigger penises which can give some hard banging and get them rock solid erections and enormous orgasms for full satisfaction.

But not many realize that this whole act has been faked and most of the male porn stars use steroids to gain such power and manliness. In real life achieving successful male enhancement is not one day’s deal. It takes weeks before men can actually observe a difference the size of their penis and a positive change in their sexual performance. Some men completely fail to impress their women because of the lack of stamina and smaller dong and so they are in dire need of finding methods that could help them in successfully increasing the size of their dong. Here are some ways that can help men in achieving their dream sexual encounter and make them happy from the inside:

  • Creams and pills

This is of course the 21st century and so nothing is impossible. There are numerous products available in the market which includes make enhancement pills and creams that promise to deliver 100% results. Most of them are made from natural ingredients which work inside your body to increase the levels of sex hormones so that more blood reaches the penile tissues and they expand in size. But be careful in choosing such products because there are some that contain steroids and can be harmful for your health. HyperGH 14x

  • Male enhancement devices that work

Those who do not want to try creams and supplements can go for devices that are specially designed for increasing the size of your penis and that without any side effects. One such device is SizeGenetics which is not only inexpensive but also easy to use. This male enhancement device can be easily used in shower and be worn on the penis to avoid friction and discomfort. Once you have placed it on your dong, tighten the screws to lock the device in place and let the vacuum build up. The suction improves the blood supply towards the penis and fills the penile tissues with blood and so they are forced to expand in size. SizeGenetics does not only increase the size of the penis but also corrects the curvature of the dong making it bigger and better for a good sexual performance.

  • Clothes too play an important part

This may come as little shock but the clothes that you wear can too have an impact on the size of your penis. Men should avoid wearing tight pants and underwear as it can cut off the blood supply to the penis, suffocate it and the deprivation of oxygen leads to stunned growth.  The penis needs space and free area to move and expand where it can breathe openly and blood can reach it freely. When a guy wears tight pants every day, the blood supply is cut off and the tissues remain deprived of oxygen which is needed to carryout out the functions properly leading to stunned growth and weaker erections. So make sure next time you go shopping, try out pants that fit you fine so that you penis can get a chance to grow and expand.

  • Eating well and ensuring good health

Your health plays an important role in ensuring the outcome of your sexual performance. The healthier men are the more energy and stamina they will have to last longer in bed and bang harder. Rather there are certain fruits and vegetables that release elements in the body when consumed which trick the brain into increasing the production of male sex hormone and so new, thicker cells replace the old penile cells much more quickly leading to an enlarged penis in no time at all.

Not only does healthy eating help in enhancing your tool, but increases your sex drive and improves your stamina so that you can experience hard erections and enjoy intense orgasms for more pleasure.

  • Conclusion

Men should not even think of following the footsteps of their favorite porn star as it may include injecting yourself with steroids which are of course harmful. For quick and guaranteed results, try SizeGenetics, a device which work on the principles of nature and has no side effects. The best part about this device is that it increases the size of the penis and corrects the curvature too. Not only is it affordable but can be worn throughout the day pretty much comfortably. So for those who want to enlarge their penis naturally, SizeGenetics is definitely the best option for them.


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